Monday, February 25, 2013

Costume thoughts:

Proper dress as ritual dress (out of: necessity; desire to locate the exceptional in/on top of/through the everyday)
Ritual dress as mutant/disheveled proper dress (McQueen, feathers, hats/headdresses that take over)
Line between animal and animal-like
Hawk-like hair
Masks on people otherwise normally dressed
Masks as transformative
Noh masks
Gas masks (WWI)...?
Epic - Greek, Roman (Parsifal)
Drawing room/parlor -- things that go wrong, mutation, chimeras (Max Ernst's Semaine de Bonte)
Tableaux vivant 
Falconry (hunting with a falcon)
Dry, dusty old man--clouds of dust

Semaine de Bonte
Falcon hoods

In particular, the center mask

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