Friday, May 10, 2013

Fable (from Taibi)

A woman struggles psychically between two places. She exists in the between, never landing fully in either place. She left a creatively stifling life with an emotionally vibrant one. Now, she enjoys a creatively free life, but an emotionally stunted, guilt/doubt ridden one in NYC,  She is therefore constantly moving, never able to settle, reaching for both places at the same time. Claustrophobic. Her world seems small in either place. The longing and the distance seem large internally, but are not visually that way. The accumulation of the play, is time passing, a growing of understanding, the world opening up. An inhale, a difficult but easy solution that you never saw until you could dream it. The barrier becomes the passageway. The space opens, her emotional life is for a moment embraced in NY. An immigrant to her soul no longer.

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