Sunday, April 28, 2013


I think of Enrique as being the poetry in Luis's life. Enrique is exuberance. Enrique gets Luis off of his ass, out of his head. Makes him think of the present. Holds Luis to be accountable to what is happening right in front of him. There is an eagerness about Enrique, a hunger for life. So much was his appetite for life that he was born a month earlier than expected.

Enrique is a dreamer. He wants to hear the fairy tale versions of reality first. He imagines himself in the United States and is the driving force for the family to move. He announces in 18, "Papa, I want to be in New York!" and he drags his Luis there to be reunited with Fran. Enrique gets his father to sing. To be a poet. To think outside of the box.

From his connection to Fran, Enrique knows that Cuba cannot hold him. He can make believe very well in Cuba. He is adept at it. He can make a can many things. But he now wants to see the reality. He doesn't want to live in make believe. He wants to see the fancy restaurants in New York and Paris. He wants to cross over into the real and know what it is like to breath that air.

I picture his clothes as being hand-me-downs. They can either be a little too big for him or a little too tight. They might even be clothing that you would find from goodwill as they might have come from organizations or individuals who are bringing clothing over to help out. There is also a sense of the heat, so I am thinking that he is wearing shorts or that he might even not be wearing a shirt at all. In general, there is a freedom of movement in his clothing and also a freedom on his clothing constricting his thought.

**Clothes get smaller as the show progresses. Maybe they are a little loose at first, and then they get tighter. But they are the same clothes for the actor. It is like a soap opera character. They age like 10 years after being born a couple of months ago. And then age again the next year and are dating someone on the show who has been around for 5 years.

Shirt - White polo shirt. Worn a little. Looks a little tired. Worn out. Lots of washings.

Pants - He is wearing shorts. Khaki. I like that it is a little formal. Probably hand-me-downs from maybe when his father was a kid as well.

Shoes - No shoes. He is grounded. Of the earth. He is someone who is very connected to his impulses. A lot of the plays impulses comes through him.

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