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For Luis, at the start of the play there is a sense of stagnation in his life. He apologizes about not writing and reasons that there is "nothing very interesting in his life". There is a general dissatisfaction. What will he do? Will he cross over? The breathing that he has at the beginning of the play is very labored. There is a tenseness. An anxiety over his present situation. He can't write but he wants to write. His sister is not with him. There is a void.

His clothing reflects a very workaday situation. There isn't excess. The fact that he is not writing just to write is important. He is spare. He is measured. But he is also wishing that he could be in the United States with Fran. He wants to breath in the beauty. When he says, "What a lovely thought" he is saying that he wants to breath in a different poetry of life.

Luis is not just whole heartedly working to go to the United States. He has repsonsibilities. It may be that he even sacrificed in some way for Fran to be where she is. He is heavily invested in her. From being in a family of immigrants I can relate personally to how this is very important. The "lucky one" who goes away needs to send money back to their families back home. The people back home will make that sacrifice if the one who left stays in contact and sends stuff back. There is a sort of contract between the family and the individual. He has sacrificed. The clothing he wears at  is practical. He has a set of clothing that he usually wears. There isn't the money for a wardrobe. Maybe he has a little more flair at the beginning when he doesn't have children, but when he has Enrique, he takes on that responsibility and his son will retain the brightness of his clothing. 

When you breath into someone else then you change. Your colors change. So I think that there is a change at the very end of the play when Luis and Fran get together. Love makes you blush. It makes you red in the face. And you feel hot in your face. How do we mark love in the play through the costumes? How does love change our breathing? Love makes you feel good. It is a very physical feeling. 

Enrique changes his mind. Enrique opens Luis up to possibility of just living. Of being where you are. Luis says that life is difficult and Enrique says, "Let's not do difficult. Let's do happy!" Then they dance and they are living a song. They are physicalizing joy. Love can change your breathing. Love is the connection between the two worlds.

**Beginning of play - So he starts out with a little bit of flair. He is single. But a little bit more reserved because he may have to conserve because of Fran.
**Enrique's birth - He gives his love to his son. He is clothing is more muted because he wants to make sure his son is taken care of.
**Trip to America - Through the portal. He is in his best. He is dreaming through his son. His dream becomes reality. I think that he is then wearing his most vibrant clothing.

I am attracted to the idea that Aubrey floated about about the breathing. I think that these characters coe together is through love and the way love changes your breathe.

Top - Cream colored shirt with checks on them. Large plaid. He is a little conservative. I think older than Fran, he wants to take care of things. He is a little tentative about life. He talks about leaving Cuba but doesn't go until Enrique announces that he wants to do it.

Pants - Jeans. A little faded out. Levis Jeans. He is a little particular about them. They are pressed. They have a little crease in the front. He is maybe a mirror to Joseph. He needs to be opened up.

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