Monday, April 29, 2013


With Fran, we get a sense of her being a part from them.  From everyone. She is in her own world. We recognize her presence, but don't actually hear her speak until scene 5. She is like a ghost living between worlds. She is magical and is looking for magical things in life. She is looking for moments of magic that can transcend her place, can transcend her everyday life. 

I think the importance of her having dance clothes on is so that we can see the body. The art is expressed on the body. We see her eyes. We see her movements. We look past her clothing. We then see her more clearly in proximity to the men in her life, Marc and Joseph. I think maybe that is the same for them as well. If we are looking at their clothing then we aren't hearing their language. The primary means of expression, for the two men, is through their words. She has to be able to move.

We are always trying to grasp where Fran is. What is she thinking? Where is she? Does she love? How is she doing in this new environment? Is she a stranger? Her clothing can also be a shield. It is the way in which she can fit in. This is what people wear here. I am like everyone else. Perhaps that is the reason why she cannot get involved with Marc and Joseph after the initial casual friendship. She is allowing a moment to happen that will bring them closer. Something unexpected. Something real and human.

She is the love that is in the world - In Luis's letter to her he says, "Let me tell you what I've been thinking. It's about love. I see it as a concrete thing. I think of it with a shape, weight, color, and movement. It's a sphere. The color is pearl grey. It floats, even if its weight is heavier than air. It takes shape a distance from the beloved. When it reaches the beloved, it touches him lightly. Then it retreats and remains at a certain distance, modestly and silently." This is how love operates in the play. Little touches. This goes along a lot with what Lindsay has been saying about how things accumulate and then it all of sudden changes. But we didn't plan for it to happen.

There is a satisfaction with her. She is an immigrant and doesn't want to have too much. I think that she would also feel guilty about it. She says, "The greatest gift a person can have is to be satisfied with the life they have. I want to feel satisfaction with the life I have. We should enjoy the life we have." That is a statement of a very grounded person. Or wise. Wise for having been put in an inconvenient situation. Perhaps being chosen to be the one in the family to succeed. Knowing that this is an opportunity, but then at the same time being disconnected from all that you love. The letters are the only lifeline to that family.

Loose grey top - This is something that she wears all the time. Comfort is her thing. It keeps her warm. It think of it having sweater material. Probably layers on top. Grey is the love from the play.

Leggings - I think that she is wearing black leggings the whole time.

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