Sunday, April 28, 2013


Jerry is represents the everydayness of life. Also of the mundanity of what takes up our daily lives. This is in contrast to the rose that Fran describing as falling in the dance. That every day in life there is a monotony that happens that can get you off of your game. That takes you away from the poetry of life. There is a sameness. The scene between Jerry and Joseph talking about the Notices of Violation almost takes the air out of the play. Will he get out of the parking violation or not? Not a very interesting question. But then we see him later dancing with Fran. Taking lessons. Finding that he is also dissatisfied with what he is doing and then finds a connection with Fran and others through dance. That is a beautiful thing to see the world open up in front of him. 

I'm looking at the scene again in which we see him and I think that Lindsay is right. The scene when he is talking about his violations is funny. He is a jovial guy. He is a guy that is very happy helping others, being in service of others. He thinks that by bringing a smile to someone's face is a worthwhile thing to do in life. He probably hasn't been very highly educated. Probably got through high school. Likes to talk to Marc and Joseph about the books they are reading or the gallery openings that they have attended because he likes learning. He hasn't had a good formal way of learning, maybe that is the reason why he didn't go past high school. His father before him might've also been a person who was a janitor or maybe worked in a factory. Takes pride in working with his hands. Great at tinkering.

Really likes Fran a lot. Thinks she is beautiful. Really struck by the fact that she is an immigrant and that she is going to teach him how to dance. Thinks Fran is absolute stunner and is attracted to her as a human being. Likes that Fran doesn't judge him. Treats him real.

Pants/Top - I think that he is wearing a uniform. I'm thinking a navy blue for him. Or maybe a little lighter than that.

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